Definitions for words associated with Rivers

OCR Geography, words you will need to know the definitions for like Infiltration, Groundwater, Throughflow, Evaporation

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Infiltration: When plants catch the rain in their leaves to stop it getting to the ground

Transpiration:  Water vapour given off by plants

Surface run-off: Water moving over the surface

Precipitation: Rain or snow from the clouds

Percolation: Water stored in the soil

Soil moisture: Water going from the soil down into the rocks

Surface storage: Water stored on the surface in puddles

Throughflow: Water moving through the soil

Groundwater: Water stored in holes in the rock

Condinsation: Water vapour changing into water droplets that make clouds 

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Definitions continued...

Infiltration: Water going down into the soil

Evaporation:  Water changing into water vapour because of the sun's heat

Groundwater flow: Water moving through the rocks

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