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What is decay?

Decay is the process in which everything dies and the materials of plants and animals are recycled and returned back to the enviroment.

What causes it? bacteria and fungi

The decay process:

Decomposers are a group of micro organisms which feed off waste and decay products.They digest everything and use nutrients to grow and reproduce. The waste product od decomposers are CO2, H2O and minerals.

The conditon of decay:

Speed of decay depends on the temperature. Moisture also helps speed up the processas moisure dissolves food and stops thing drying out. Microbes also need oxygen to decompose,release energy, grow and reproduce.


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Why is decay important?

Decomposers are vitalfor recycling in the natural world. Micro organisms are used in sewage to break down the waste mateial. So its safe to be released back into rivers and the sea. This also requires a good supply of oxygen. Decomposers are also found in our gardens - in compost heaps. Mircro organisms break all the materials.

The decomposers are a group of micro organisms which includes bacteria and fungi. they feed in waste droppings and dead organisms. They digest them and use them (sometimes) for their nutrients. They also release waste products which include CO2,H2O and minerals whcih plants use.

Why do compost box have holes? To let oxygen in

Why is compost added to soil? It contains nutrients by plants to grow healthy

What conditions are needed for them?

  • warmth
  • oxygen
  • moisture
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