Free will and determinism

Nature and nurture

Is Psychology a science

Idiographic and nomothetic

Holism and reductionism


idiographic vs nomothetic

Idiographic -

Individual, qualitative, subjective, case studies

+ more in depth understanding of people

- not scientific (so can't generalise)

Nomothetic -

Groups, quantitative, objective, generalisations

3 Laws for nomothetic -

  • EP - behaviourist laws of learning
  • ED - Eysenck's personality inventory
  • CPIG - people with mood disorders

+ scientific therefore generalisable

- loses sight of whole person

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nature vs nurture

Nature -

Genes pre-determine behaviour


Nurture -

Post-natal influences, influenced through the environment


Blakemore and Cooper - cats in vertical world study, showed that environment is important in development, however there are ethical issues

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free will and determinism

HARD DETERMINISM - all behaviour is out of the persons control

SOFT DETERMINISM - there are causes of behaviour but mostly free will

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