Data Validation, Consistency and Defaulting

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Valid and Consistent PN Notifications

  • A PN must be an integer greater than or equal to -9999MW and less than or equal to the Generation Capacity of the BMU.
  • Null fields are not allowed
  • A PN "date/time from" must be earlier than its "date/time to"
  • The PN "date/time from" field must be later than or equal to the end of the last Settlement Period for which the Gate Closure has occurred at the Notification Time.
  • The PN "date/time to" field must be earlier than or equal to the Submission Maximum Date
  • Times must cover distinct time ranges
  • Times must cover complete settlement half hour periods. In addition, a sub-set of the records must have "date/time" fields corresponding to the start of each half hour period covered.
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Notice to Deviate from Zero (NDZ)

  • Units of minutes
  • The "effective time" field is only relevant to EDT submissions and can only have a value corresponding to the start date/time of a future Operational Day (note times are in GMT). The "effective time" cannot be later than the Submission Maximum Date.
  • The field "NDZ value" cannot be null and must be an integer greater than or equal to 0 minutes and less than or equal to 999 minutes.
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Bid - offer Consistency Rules

The "offer price" must not decrease as the "bid offer pair number" increases i.e. prices must be monotonically non-decreasing. 

Our Coal & Gas Bid Offer spreadsheet does all of the data consistency checks required.

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If no PN, MEL or Bid-Offer Data submission, or partial submission has been made by 11:00 the data for the current operational day will be copied forward to flll gaps in the next operational day.

There is no default rule for dynamic data (RURE,RDRE,MZT,MNZT and SEL). The last submitted value always applied.

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