Cyclone Nargis

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The Weather Event

Violent storms that form overseas above 27 degrees celsius. They are areas of low pressure around which very strong winds. 

Over 200km/hour and heavy rain rotate. 

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How it affected people

130,000 people died 

800,000 homes destroyed. 

260,000 people displaced. 

Shortage of food. 

High spread of disease 

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How it affected the environment

Rice fields were flooded. 

2008 & 2009 harvests or rice were destroyed.

Winds of up to 135 mph. 

Storm surge of 7.6 m. 

Heavy rainfall & flooding. 

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Responses to the hazard.

People were rescued. 

Clearing of flood debris.


Giving people fresh water, tents and food. 

Building of a new flood levee. 

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