Customer Care - Stock and Storage Legislation


Plant Passports (DEFRA)

  • Covers England and Wales
  • Sets policy enforcing controls and restrictions on the import, movement and keeping of certain plants, plant pests, and other materials such as soil.
  • New regime implemented 14/12/2019
    • plant traded will require a plant passport for their movement within the EU, including movement within the UK
    • Records of plant passports issued and received will need to be kept for three years
    • trading plants via distance selling contracts, e.g., online, over the telephone, etc., will be required to pass plant passports down to the final end user
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DEFRA Codes of Practice for Suitably Qualified Per

  • Applies to zoos with veterinary presence onsite and for any member of staff that is in control of the dart gun within your zoo
  • A SQP is a legal term for an animal medicine advisor that is qualified to prescribe or supply certain types of veterinary medicine
  • products must ensure the following information is recorded in relation to all incoming and outgoing medicines
    • the date
    • the name of the product
    • the batch number
    • the quantity
    • the name and address of the supplier and recipient
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Guidance for the Registration of Retail Premises 2

  • Governs veterinary medicine storage
    • important for onsite veterinary prescence
  • governs that all veterinary medicine must be kept under lock and key which can only be accessed by a SQP
    • e.g., dart gun 
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