Customer Care - 5Ps: People, Product and Place


The 5Ps

  • key marketing elements used to place business strategically
  • satisfy customers
  • add value
  • help differentiate the business from competitors
  • people, promotion, place, product, price
  • recommendations from the basis of our marketing plan
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  • target market
    • allows us to tailor our recommendations to specific customers
    • can tailor 6 pillars of customer service to the 6 personalities
  • geographic, demographic, behavioural, psychographic
  • customer service as a recommendation in the marketing plan
    • some customers value customer service and good customer service may make them more likely to return
    • 6 pillars make sure we provide customer service that exceeds customer expectations
      • worst case scenario = we meet their expectations
    • allows us to increase customer base
  • can refer to staff
  • people decisions are usually centred around customer service
  • what recommendations could we make based on customer service?
    • have someone on tills/ticket booths asking whether you want to become a member/buy a special promotion
    • keepers answering public questions
    • email/verbal product recommendations
    • staff are friendly/easy to talk to
    • must provide staff training
  • people: service provided, attitude, customer service, appearance, employee portrayal
  • 6 pillars: attitude, interest, action, verbal language, body language, tone of voice
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  • refers to products/services offered (e.g., product design, product range, packaging, quality)
  • products are recommendations that can be used in a marketing plan
  • products in zoos
    • educational days/school trips
    • animal adoptions
    • zoo tickets
    • face painting
    • conference rooms
    • event tickets
    • chester zoo sells old exhibit signs
    • animal feeding times
    • donations
    • christmas decorations
    • sustainable/organic products
    • camps for younger people
    • annual memberships
    • weddings
    • virtual zoo days
    • merchandise
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  • products available at the right time, at a suitable location and in suitable quantity and quality
  • refers to where the product/service is seen, made, sold or distributed
  • place can include online
  • about ways of getting products to targeted customers
  • placement of zoo
    • convenience
      • transport links
        • car park
        • bus routes
        • train routes
      • how are customers getting around the zoo?
    • product placement/layout
      • customer flow: high and low traffic areas
        • high traffic: near key areas
        • low traffic: areas that don't see customer footfall
      • most popular item at the back
      • gift shop by exit
      • restaurant half way round
      • product displays
    • to increase sales
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