Business - The Marketing Mix


The Marketing Mix

  • Marketplace: where we go to buy and sell a particular type of product (e.g., Pet Care: Vets, Retail, Groomers)
  • Marketshare: the percentage of the market that the business has control over
  • Marketing: promoting our product/business (3 aims, to increase: customer base, sales, marketshare)
  • Customer Base: the group of people who repeatedly purchase the goods or services of a business
    • businesses can look at data such as number of customers, type of customers and their characteristics to determine how best to market their business
  • Target Market: the group of people we are aiming our marketing at
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The Marketing Mix

  • Behavioural: how people want to shop
  • Psychographic: the things that'll attract us to the product (e.g., personality)
  • Geographic: location
    • ACORN classification
    • urban/rural
    • region
    • customer location
  • Demographic
    • age
    • gender
    • occupation
    • socio-economic group
  • Behavioural
    • trends
    • loyalty status
    • rate of usage
  • Psychographic
    • personality
    • lifestyles
    • attitudes
    • class
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Marketing Mix Plan

  • What and how are we going to do it?
  • Justify
  • Recommend
  • Price
  • Promotion
    • offers (for price too)
    • discounts (for price too)
  • Product
    • range
  • Place
    • location
  • People
    • target market
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