Cult of Personality 1929-1941

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Art and Media

  • Stalin controlled all forms of art and media in the USSR as a propaganda tool throughout the 1930s
  • Pictures, posters, statues and literature all conformed to Stalin with many propaganda slogans claiming "Stalin is the Lenin of today" and portrayed him as a man of the people and a down-to-earth figure
  • However as years passed, the use of arts and media and pop culture did not just portray Stalin as an outstanding, natural leader, but as a godlike figure
  • This was emphasised through the increasing use of giant statues and paintings of Stalin
  • Cinema and literature all had to conform to the ways of Stalin as well as the Revolution
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Uses of the Cult of Personality

  • The Cult of Personality was exemplified through public gatherings such as Stalin's birthday
  • People would gather on the streets of Moscow and worship Stalin as he drove through the crowds
  • During the night a hologram projected Stalin's face high in the sky for everyone to see and praise
  • Stalin was also referred to as Vozhd- the boss
  • True nature of Stalin's Cult of Personality was to prepare Russians for war as well as glorifying their one true leader; Joseph Stalin
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