Criminal Courts

Unit 1 english legal system

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Key definitions

Summary Cases:

  • Least Serious criminal offences
  • Divided into offences of different levels; highest level 5
  • Maximum fines come from Criminal Justice Acts  from1991
  • Maximum six months but Criminal Justice Acts 2003 can extend the sentence by 15 months
  • Over 90 per cent of defendants plead guilty

Triable Either way:

  • Middle range of Cases

Indictable Offences:

  • Most serious crimes include murder
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Juridiction of Magistrates Courts

Magistrates Court

  • Try all summary cases
  • Try any triable either way cases
  • Deal with the first hearing of indictable offences but are then sent to crown court
  • Deals with warrants bail, side issues of criminal cases
  • Also involved with some civil areas
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