Crime and Deviance Theme 4 - New Criminology and Neo-Marxism


New Criminology (Neo-Marxism)

  • Fuses Marxism and Interactionism
  • Criminology should look at how capitalism helps to generate the circumstances of crime but also the responses of the CJS, the offender and the victim
  • The media create moral panics and folk devils to distract attention away from the failures of capitalism 
  • Stuart Hall - the government wanted to divert attention away from the economic crisis in the 1970s, so a moral panic was created about black youths and 'mugging'
  • Naomi Klein's shock doctrine and 'disaster capitalism' - the government take advantage of a major disaster to adopt more liberal economic policies that would not normally be accepted by the public. The shock of the disaster makes the public more docile and easier to manipulate
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  • Ignores the impact of crime on the victims
  • Offers no solution to the problem of crime
  • Romanticises crime - criminals are not engaged in a political struggle, they're just 'thugs'
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