Crime and locality

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he states that crime is different in different area, he places deviance in the social context.

deviance is based on the sitatuion but also the social reaction, its not just the nature of the act but how it is viewed that makes it deviance.

crime is dependant on the choices open to indivudals as they interpret what happens around them and decides how to respond

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Korte and Kerr?


They look at pro-social behaviour in a rural setting, they planted a adressed and stamped letter near a post box, 78% of people in a rural setting posted it where as 26% of people in a city did.

they concluded that people who live in rural areas tend to demostrate pro-social behaviour much more than thsoe living in urban areas.

this is similar to crime and deviace which is statisically higher in urban areas.

those communities with pro social behaviour are less likely to experiance crime

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why can rural areas be bad fro crime?

because people are less likely to be able to do things so they may get into drugs and drinking

the police wont suspect rural areas to be using drugs so wont check up which leave dealing and doing the drugs at an advantage for those in urban areas.

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