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Pre-Production Documents

Storyboard=Plans out the scenes gives a visual representation and guidance for actors.


  • Images
  • Sound Effects 
  • Camera Shots
  • Camera Movements 
  • Characters 

Moodboard= To show what a product might look like.


  • Themes
  • Colour schemes 
  • Styles of Text
  • Textures 
  • Keywords 
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Copyright, Designs and Patents Act=  Gives the creators of some types of media rights to control how they are used and distributed.

Health and Safety Act (at work)=Eye strain and headaches.=Eyes can become strained after staring at a computer screen for a long time especially when working in bad light or with a poor screen


  • Have the monitor height at the same height as our eyes 
  • Don’t sit too close to the screen 
  • Take regular breaks

Data Protection Act= People cant sell or use people's personal information.

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Target Audience

Target Audience=Who the final product will be aimed at including:

  • Gender- Male or female or both
  • Age- Is it in a certain age bracket e.g. (1o-13)
  • Ethnicity-If the audience has a particular culture, religion, or language. Consider what might appeal to them.
  • Income-The amount of money they earn could affect what they can buy
  • Location- Aimed at people in a certain place
  • Accessibility-The audience might have a disability such as hearing impaired, partially sighted, or physical mobility issues.
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Evaluating Pre-Production Documents.

Paragraph 1 – INTRODUCTION -What is the document's purpose?

  •  A (BLANK) is created to...
  •  A (BLANK) is produced with the purpose of...
  • A (BLANK) is a pre-production document that...

Paragraph 2 – POSITIVES -What features does it have that should be there? Why do these help to suit the product's aim and audiences?

  • A positive feature is 
  • Another strength is...


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Evaluating Pre-Production Documents.

Paragraph 3- NEGATIVES- What features are missing that should be there? How does this stop it from being suitable for the brief?

  • A clear weakness is...
  •  Another fault of the document that I have identified is...

Paragraph 4-IMPROVEMENTS/ EVALUATION -Finally – is it suitable or not for its purpose, client, and target audience? Why or why not?

  • A suitable improvement that I would make to this document is... 
  • Further improvements could
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