Cosmological Argument and Religion

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CA is valuable for religious faith

Promotes the belief in God as creator.

E.g. 2W: there is a need for an uncaused cause that started the chain of events that caused all other events to happen.

There must be a God who is an eternal being.

This proves the need for a God who was outside time.

Provides a clear explanation as to why there is something rather than nothing.

E.g. 3W: every cause in chain of causes is dependant on God for its existence.

Portrays God as being eternal and external - Necessary Being.

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CA is not valuable for religious faith

Promotes the idea of a remote God that does not have a relationship with his people.

E.g. God is outside time and space.

It does not prove the God of classical theism as it suggests that he is a distant God.

Many people believe God is at the centre of O and they can have a relationship with him.

Faith nurtured more from scripture than intellectual theories.

E.g. Philippians 1:6 'God who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion.'

Faith is developed through reading God's word and not through man-made theories.

Faith only grows by the study of scripture and God's strength, it does not depend on anything else.

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