Corelli - performing and their handling


Corelli - performing and their handling

  • violin 1
  • violin 2
  • violone 
  • organ
  • The first violin part and the second violin part are broadly eqaul partners in that they share a similar tessitura (range of pitch), with violin 1 covering two octaves and a semitone and violin 2 a 14th. 
  • V1 and V2 frequently imitate each other at the unison and are constantly crossing parts and exchanging ideas. 
  • V1 always states the material. 
  • Parts are not difficult to play (not virtuosic) only in bar 11-13 and bar 34 requiring either player to venture beyond first position
  • The violone is a low pitched bowed string instrument similar to the bass viol, five or six strings. The pitch range is two octaves. 
  • The continuo part is provided by the organ. The player would have been expected to improvise the inner harmonies by providing suitable chords above te bass line according to figured bass. 
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