Consuming resources

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Classifying resources

  • Natural resources (found in the natural world that we can use)
  • Human resources (the skills of a popualtion in a society)
  • Material or capital resources (resources that are already in the country)


  • Non-renewable resources 
    • like coal, oil or diamond
    • can not be remade, because it would take millions of years for them to form again.
  • Sustainable resources
    • like wood 
    • can be deliberately renewed. They can be managed and usable not but also in the future.
  • Renewable resources 
    • like solar power or wind power
    • renew themselves, and do not need to be managed
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Uses of oil (crude) include:

  • Car fuels
  • Powering factories / power stations
  • Plastic
  • Cosmetics
  • Power: electricity
  • Medicines
  • Perfume
  • Paint
  • Fabric
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Oil consumption

Consumpsion of oil over the past 40 years:

  • Consumption has rapidly increased
  • In 2005, world consumption was 87 million barrels per day
  • In 1965, world consumption was 30 million barrels per day
  • In 40 years, the world consumption rates has over tripled
  • Asia consumes the most

Why has consumption increased?

  • More technology
  • More people
  • More labor-saving devices
  • GDP has increased
  • Increases of cars
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Boserupian theory

necessity is the cause of invention

  • medicine
  • GM crops
  • irrigation
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Malthusian Theory

This theory was drawn up in the 18th century. It shows that the birth rate would go over food supply and then a decrease in birth rate to bring the population back down.

natuural checks such as

  • war
  • famine
  • disaster
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Reducing consumption

Sustainable development: Meeting the needs of people now, without harming the prospects of the people in the future

  • more public transport- buses and trains
  • extend London Borris bike scheme
  • educate on lights and taps off
  • improve recycling servises
  • pass laws requiring less food packaging
  • eat less meat
  • buy locally
  • encourage/subsidise home renewables eg. solar panels and windmills
  • tax more polluting vehiclea heavier
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  • Hydrogen fuel cells
  • Hybrid vehicles
  • Renewables
    • wind farms
    • solar farms
    • solar collecting farms
    • tidal power
    • HEP
    • nuclear?
  • possibly nuclear fusion
  • sustainables
    • wood
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