Consulship of Pompey and Crassus 55BC

Notes on consulship of Pompey and Crassus 55BC

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As things stand in 56BC

- Crassus and Pompey have agreed to hold the consulship in 55 so seem to be in alliance with each other.

-Gabinius is restoring Ptolemy Auletes in Egypt.

-Cicero is now a political pawn at the hands of the triumvirate.

-Even Pompey has demanded he reign himself in- Cicero's lost alliance.

-Senate and Optimates still opposed to triumvirate- scared of their power.

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Senatorial response to claim of consulship

-Consul of 56 said that Pompey and Crassus hadn't given correct notice required so not legally allowed to stand.

- Triumvirs responded by getting a tribune to paralyse electoral activity for rest of 56 by vetoing everything said by Cato- no one can be elected.

-Used traditional intervening period , the interegnum, to secure own electiopn.

-Pompey and Crassus used uproar of no consuls to become elected.

-Pompey and Crassus were elected in January 55BC.

-They relied on votes of 100 of Caesar's men returning on leave- plans from Luca have gone well.

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Pompey and Crassus' consulship

-Only had one rival candidate - D.Ahenobarbus, was forcibly removed from the Campus Martius.

-They also 'sorted' the minor magistracies (including a praetorship for Vatinius)- allowed them continued support and powers within the war courts.

-Pompey and Crassus have technically gained consulship legally yet there still was a lot of illegality.

-Ahenobarbus elected to consulship in 54BC, but by this time, political system was so well checked by Caesar's use of partisans that he was unable to do much.

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Alloting pro-consular provinces

- Passed a bill granting the consuls Spain and Syria for 5 years with unlimited powers to raise troops, declare war and make peace.

-Violent opposition from the senate, accompanied by passing of the bill- total transgression of consitution.

-Crassus keft Rome in Nov to take up position in province.

-Pompey remained in Rome- appointed legate to oversee province- now controlling lots of legions whilst still in Rome- threatening new consuls.

-Triumvirate is still strong now because Pompey and Crassus are consuls and Pompey has a province yet he is still in Rome.

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