Constitutional reform since 1997 has not gone far enough

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  • Seems to have worked
  • Dealt with issues concerning themselves without UK
  • Northern Ireland- although there has been a few breakdown, Northern Ireland has gained relative peace
  • Scotland- Has bought forward the West Lothian Question,but it has worked well as they are seeking independence
  • Wales- support for Devolution was a small majority, but grown massively since 1998 and opposition has decreased
  • Most have seeked more devolution- it is working.
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Reform of the judiciary

  • Constitutional Reform Act 2005- provided separation of powers
  • de politicised the role of the Lord Chancellor
  • Still could further provide separation of powers- separate elections for PM
  • Created the Supreme Court- separating judiciary from the legislature
  • Worked well
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Human Rights Act 1998

  • Aimed to protect rights
  • Protected Gary McKinnon- autism who hacked into US files, HRA1998 prevented him being extradited to the USA, where he would've received some harsher treatment
  • Has backfired on the UK- unable to extradite radical cleric Abu Qatada, protected by the HRA to sent him back to Jordan, where he might have been tortured
  • Has certainly protected rights of UK citizens
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  • Some improvements have been made, but there is still work to be done.
  • More powers for devolution= NI/Scotland/Wales
  • Further judiciary reforms to make it more neutral
  • More, electoral reform/lords reform
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