Politics, Unit 2, Constitutional Reform

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(Green highlighted points show that reform has succeded, and therefore gone far enough. Blue highlighted points show areas in which aims have not been achieved and thus, reform has not gone far enough. Red highlighted points show that reform has possibly gone too far.)

"Constitutional reform since 1997 has not gone far enough." Discuss (40)


UK Constitution: what is it? What is constitutional reform? What changes have occured so far? What were the aims of these changes?

  • An uncodified set of rules and conventions outlining the relationship between government and the governed.
  • Any changes/ alterations to these rules.
  • Consitutional Reform Act 2005, devolution to Scotland, Wales and N.Ireland, Human Rights Act 1998, Freedom of Information Act 2005.
  • Enhance judicial neutrality and independence, increase democratic aspects, increase turnout and party support, protect rights, increase awareness.

The Judicary

Aims: Increase judicial neutrality and independence.

Depoliticised judiciary- Lord Chancellor no longer head of judiciary, new Appointments Commission, Supreme Court/ removal of Law Lords.

Increased independence as judges no longer selected by PM BUT PM does have a veto over appointments.

Judiciary still funded by Ministry of Justice- not entirely neutral.


Aims: Increased use of referenda to increase democracy.

Referenda over: devolved primary legislation powers to Welsh Assembley, AV for Westminster, elected mayors in major cities.

Have increased public say in constitutional issues BUT are


William Smith


Nice , highly relevant great notes, feel free to check out my notes / definitions

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