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Why are computer systems important? (6)

As they’ve led to:

¨      Improved quality in manufacturing (robotic machinery is more accurate than humans)

¨      Cheaper manufacturing (automation reduces wage costs + allows 24/7 working)

¨      Faster access to information (many jobs can be done more quickly)

¨      Better decision making (better informed + more organised)

¨      New ways of doing business (more buying online, cheaper goods + facilities i.e. internet ATMs)

¨      New ways of communication (Email, SMS etc.)

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Methods used to reduce the energy used (mainly use

¨      virtual servers that reduce no. of physicals servers in a data centre

¨      solid state storage that uses less energy than rotating disk drives

¨      automatic standby switching that turns computers off when they aren’t in use

¨      laying out equipment so that it can be cooled efficiently

¨      setting the air conditioning at an optimum level – not too low

¨      modern screens that are less energy intensive than the old CRT monitors

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What can be used by people with limited physical m

·        Eye typer – a camera tracks movement of user’s eye + can detect which ky the user is looking at. Is used to select the key to type commands into a computer system.

·        Limited hand movement: foot mouse (track-bll device operated with the foot)

·        Severely limited physical mobility: Puff-**** switch (used to control computer by blowing into/****ing on a small tube)

·        Braille keyboard: used by people with visual impairments to type text + commands 

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