Computer science:Topic 4

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  • Computer Science: Topic 4
    • The point of a CPU is  to carry out processing on the computer and to fetch, decode and execute instructions
      • 3.1MHz Cpu is the clock speed. It indicates how many instructions may be processed eveery second
      • Quad- core CPU means that the computer has 4 cores which are independent processors within the CPU working at the same time
    • RAM and ROM
      • Programs and data which are currently in use are loaded in the RAM
      • All the contents are lost when the power is turned off in RAM
      • ROM is used to boot up the computer when it is switched on
      • The purpose of RAM is that it stores parts of the operating system currently used b the computer. It stores programs that are currently running and stores data currently being used by the computer.
    • Virtual memory is a section of the hard disk which is used to store items in RAM which are not being currently used
      • Virtual memory is needed as its used to allow more programs/data to be loaded when RAM is insufficient
    • A storage device is used to  store data in a binary format for processing later
      • An input device is used to enter data into the conmputer
      • An output device is  used to present information or the result of processing to the user.
    • Cache memory is a small block of very high speed memory acting as a buffer between the CPU and the main memory - it stores data or instructions which are used frequently by the CPU
    • The function of memory is that it is a temporary store for data or programs


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