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Definitions for Unit 1 Computing

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Input Devices - to input data to a system eg a barcode reader

Output Devices - to give infomation from the system to the user eg to print a receipt

Storage Devices - keep data that has been collected for furture use

Systems Software - program that control the operation of a computer system

Applications Software - programs that allow the users to do something useful

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LAN - Local Area Network where computers are linked together over a small local area

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Operating System -

  • Used to control the hardware of the system
  • Provides an user interface for the operator: to allow communication bewtween user and hardware
  • Has many utilites which can be used to carry out housekeeping on your system
  • Used to provide a platform on which applications can run
  • Handles communications using protocool to govern them

ROM Vs Ram -

  • ROM is non volatile, RAM is
  • ROM is normally smaller
  • Data in ROM cannot be changed, in RAM it can
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