Verification & Validation

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  • Verification & Validation
    • Definitions
      • Validation: checking the data entered is reasonable
      • Verification: checking the final data entry matches the data captured
    • Types of Error
      • Invalid data - the data is either impossible or unreasonable
      • Inaccurate data - valid data that is incorrect
    • Validation Checks
      • Spreadsheet
      • Database
    • Potential Issues
      • Validation
        • Error trapping is only as good as the software design to track the errors
        • Validation only makes sure the data is reasonable, not that is correct
      • Verification
        • Both double-entry and proof reading are time consuming and expensive
        • Verification  only makes sure that the data entered matches that in the input form, not that it is correct
        • Human error is still possible


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