Cold War - Consequences of the Berlin Blockade

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Cold War - Consequences of the Berlin Blockade

Consequences of the Berlin Blockade

  • In 1949 Stalin Ended the Blockade.
  • The Cold War got worse - It almost started an all-out war.
  • East and West Germany - Germany split up. In May 1949, America, Britain and France united their zones into the Federal Rublic of Germany (West Germany).
  • In October 1949, Stalin set up the German Democratic Republic (East Germany).
  • NATO agreed if Russia ataacked on a country they all would join in - Russia tried to join this but was refused.
  • NATO was set up for Western Allies as a defensive alliance against Russia. NATO countries surrounded Russia.
  • In 1955, the Soviet Union set up the Warsaw Pact - an alliance of Communist states - Greece joined in 1952.
  • After Berlin, the USA and the USSR realised that they were in a competition for world domination. They began to build up their armies and weapons (Arms Race).
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