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Felixstowe is located in Suffolk, just outside Ipswich.

Land uses include:

Industrial - the port,

Recreational - arcades, shops, beach, swimming pool..

Residential - houses by the coast

Commercial - trading at port, farming, town centre..

Felixstowe is a multiuse area because it has many different land uses used by different people for different purposes.

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Palau is in Oceania.

It's a tropical beachy area.

Existing conflicts:

-Disposal of rubbish

-American ships

-plane wrecks



They are managing conflict by doing conservation programmes. They don't ban tourism because they need money for financial income.

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Dubai is in the UAE.

It began developing in 1990 but was properly developed in 2006.

It developed pretty fast which is unusual since they were in lots of dept.

Land uses of Dubai are mainly recreational (the manmade islands) and industrial.

This slowly got Dubai more populated and "world famous". This got it gradually out of dept.

Problems were: sea pollution & pollution from planes/trucks. This affected wildlife too. It cost lots of money which put Dubai in dept. Bad living condition and workers died.

Being a coastal area helped Dubai because it made people discover the coastline + there's a lot of land to build on.

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Soft engineering case study - Pevensey Bay

It's located in Sussex.

Coastal homes and special scientific interests are being protected.

Soft engineering was chosen because it attracts tourism.

Beach is recharged by sand being hoovered up & sprayed onto lower beach at high tide. At low tide, bulldozers push material up beach to raise it.

Reprofiling is done to absorb wave energy. Bulldozers spread sand evenly on beach as it's better at absorbing energy when level.

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Holbeck Hall

Holbeck Hall collapsed on 5th June, after guests found cracks in their bedroom walls on 4th June. The hotel was located on less resistant rock, causing landslides and erosion after many months of a mix of wet and dry weather.

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