Christian Worship

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Christian Worship


  • Found in Roman Catholic, Orthodox and Church of England chruches
  • Services follow a set pattern - usually from a printed book
  • Liturgy has an established structure of set prayers and readings, the congregation repeat key phrases
  • Hymns are sung at set times and a sermon is given.
  • Some of the prayers, the hymns chosen, the Bible readings and the sermon differ from service to service
  • The ordered nature makes worshippers feel comfortable and part of the process               
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Non-Liturgical Worship and Charismatic Worship

Non-Liturgical Worship

  • Informal way of worship
  • Follows a pattern or order but the elements are tailored to each service.
  • Prayers are often in the leader's own words, the sermon on a topical theme and Bible readings chosen to fit
  • Without set words, worshippers feel it comes more from the heart

Charistmatic Worship

  • Informal way of worship.
  • Evangelical worship is in often in this style
  • Has recognisable characteristics such as hymns, prayers, sermons and readings 
  • Very free-flowing,
  • Charismatic is 'spirit inspired'
  • People often speak in tongues or feel the Holy Spirit at work within them.
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Private Worship

Private Worship

  • Same importance as public worship for Christians.
  • Can be Liturgical - eg. Roman Catholics may say the Angelus (a series of short meditations performed three times a day)
  • Can be Non-Liturgical - eg. a simple prayer at a time of need.
  • Worshipping alone allows the person to feel close to God in the exactly the way they want.
  • It is a time to 'be with God', say things from the 'heart' and build a 'relationship' with God.
  • A rosary is used whilst saying set prayers such as the Lord's Prayer and the Hail Mary.
  • Meditation could be used to reflect on a Bible passage or religious truth.
  • A sense of peace and calm is a key characteristic
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