Christian Worship

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  • Christian Worship
    • Eucharist, Holy Communion, Mass
      • Most Christians have a formal liturgical service each Sunday.
      • There will be hymns, a Bible reading and a sermon.
    • Charismatic Worship
      • It can include speaking in tongues.
      • This form of worship represents being filled with the Holy Spirit.
      • Pentecostal Churches often have non-liturgical worship involving clapping and dancing to music.
    • Personal or Private Prayer
      • A person spending time, alone, praying.
      • Could be as simple as someone reading the Bible.
      • Some Christians perform this as part of a retreat, where they withdraw in order to focus on prayer.
    • Silence
      • Some Christian's such as Quakers, follow no set pattern of worship or services.
      • Followers sit in silence for significant periods of time.
      • It's not classed as private worship because they're all collectively sharing worship together.


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