Chemistry Set 1

Chemistry Revision Tasks for the Summer Challange


Group One

Group One are all metals.

They form positive ions, with each having a +1 charge.

For example, potassium would be K+.

Similarly, Sodium would be Na+.

Therefore, although each of the metals in group one get more and more reactive as we go down the group, every element in the group has a +1 charge on It.


What does group one consist of?

Are the ions of this group positive, negative, or neutral?

What is the charge of Francium?

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Group Two

As with group one, group two consists solely of metals.
They also from positive ions. However, they possess a charge of +2.
For example, Calcium would be Ca2+
Following the same rule, Barium is Ba2+


What is the charge on Group Two metals?

What is the symbol for magnesium?

What is Magnesium's symbol including the charge?

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Group 7

Group 7, the Halides, are relatively inert non-metals.
They form negative ions, with a -1 charge on them.
For example, Chlorine/Chloride is Cl-
Following this rule, bromine/bromide is Br-
Again, the fact that the Halides get less inert as you scroll down group seven has no effect on it's charge,


What do the negative ions end In? (Word-wise)

What is the charge of a halide?

What is the charge on Fluorine/Fluoride?

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Group Six

Group six also consist if non-metal elements.
They, also, from negative ions which also end in -ide.
They have a -2 charge upon them.
Therefore, Oxygen's charge is O2-
Similarly, Sulfur's charge is S2-


What charge do group six possess?

What is the charge on the element arsenic?

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Aluminium(pronounced al-a-min-yum)

Aluminium is a metal, used in everyday life.
It forms positive ions.
These ions have a +3 charge.
This means that Aluminium's charge is Al3+


What is Aluminium's symbol?

Furthermore, what is it's symbol including it's relative charge?

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Formulae of Ions

There are seven ions whom's names and formulae need to be remembered.

They are -

The Ammonium Ion, formulae being NH4+
Zinc, formulae being Zn2+
Silver, formulae being Ag+
Sulphate, formulae being SO4 2-
Nitrate, formulae being NO3-
Carbonate, formulae being CO3 2-
Hydroxide, formulae being OH-

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