Chemistry C3 - The Transition Metals

Revision Notes for the Transition Metals suitable for anyone who is doing AQA Chemistry C3

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The Transition Metals

Properties -

Found in between groups 2 and 3

They form coloured compounds -

e.g copper sulphate - blue

potassium dichromate (VI) - orange

potassium manganate (VII) - purple

Good conductors of heat and electricity

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The Transition Metals cont.

Can be hammered or bent into shape easily -

Malleable and Ductile

Less reactive than alkali metals

Have high melting and boiling points

but mercury is a liquid at room temperature

Usually hard and tough

Have high densities

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The Transition Metals cont.

Have more than one ion

e.g. Iron - Fe(II), Fe (III)

Copper - Cu (II)

Can form Alloys

Steel - Iron

Brass - Copper + Zinc

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The Transition Metals cont.

Can make good Catalysts

Iron - Haber Process

Platinum - manufacture of nitric acid

Nickel - Hydrogenation of vegetable oils

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The Transition Metals cont.

Their properties are due to the way their 3rd electron shell fills -

The 3rd energy shell can hold up to 18 electrons - (for other elements it is 8)

This can only happen once 2 electrons fill the 4th shell

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