C7 Further Chemistry

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  • Alkanes formula - Cn H 2n+2
  • Alkanes are a family of hydrocarbons.
  • They only contain single covalent bonds.
  • The alkane family contains molecules that look similar, but have different length chains of carbon atoms.
  • Methane - CH4 Ethane - C2H6, Propane - C3H8 and Butane - C4H10.
  • Alkanes burn to give carbon dioxide and water as long as there is plenty of oxygen around.
  • Alkanes don't react with most chemicals - unreactive.
  • They don't react with aqueous reagents because the C-C bonds and C-H bonds in them are unreactive.
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  • 'OH' Functional Group and end in 'ol'.
  • Formula CnH 2n+1OH
  • Ethanol is soluble in water, alkanes are insoluble in water.
  • Ethanol and water are both good solvents.
  • Ethanol boiling point - 78
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