Chemistry 3

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What is the water purifying process?

1. Filtered

2. Ozone added

3. More filtering

4. Passed through carbon granules

5. Treated with chlorine

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Whats the difference between solute & solvent?

  • Solute - a material which dissolves
  • Solvent - liquid that the material dissolves in
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What are the properties of hard water?

  • Has dissolved compounds in it
  • Reacts with ions in the soap to form scum
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Whats the properties of permanently hard water?

  • Contains calcium sulfate
  • Doesn't soften when boiled
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How can you soften water?

  • Washing soda/sodium carbonate
  • Ion exchange in water softeners
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How to identify metal ions?

  • Use a Nichrome wire and wet with acid
  • Scoop up some sample metal ions and put into the bunsen burner
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