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OCR B Chemistry AS Module 1 revision cards with Q&A

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The atom

What charge do electrons have?


What two things are found in the nucleus?

Protons and neutrons

What is the relative mass of Protons neutrons and electrons?

Protons 1

Neutrons 1

Electrons 1/2000

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Relative Mass

Isotopes have the same number of ____ and a different number of ___?

Same number of protons, different number of neutrons

Relative mass is always compared to what?

Carbon - 12

Relative mass can be measured using what?

Mass spectrometre

Name the four main parts in a mass spectrometre.

1- Vaporisation

2- Ionisation

3- Accelaration

4- Detection

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Relative mass

What are the 3 steps when working out the isotopic abundance from a mass spectrum?

1 - For each peak read the x and y axis and mutiply them together

2 - Add up all the totals.

3 - Divide by 100

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Nuclear Radiation

What are the three types of nuclear radiation?

Alpha, beta, Gamma

What are alpha paricles?

Helium nuclei

What are beta particles?

Fast moving electrons

What are gamma rays?

Very short wave electromagnetic waves

What is the deflection of gamma rays?

There is no defelction

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Nuclear Radiation

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