Chapter Summaries Volume 3 - Frankenstein

Chapter Summaries for Chapters 18-24 (Volume 3)

Source: "York Notes for AS and A2: Frankenstein"

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Volume 3, Chapter 1

·         Victor, reluctant to begin work on the female companion spends many weeks in Geneva

·         His father brings up the subject of his expected marriage to Elizabeth

·         Victor decides that he must create the female companion before marrying Elizabeth and leaves for Britain

·         Clerval joins him on his travels and they arrive in London

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Volume 3, Chapter 2

·         Victor and Clerval rest in London and then travel to northern Scotland

·         Victor parts from Clerval and goes to the remotest of the Orkney Islands where he begins work on making the female companion

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Voume 3, Chapter 3

·         Victor begins to consider further the potentially disastrous effects of creating a mate for the monster

·         The monster appears at the window and Victor tears the new creation apart before his eyes

·         The creature retreats and promises to be with Victor on his wedding night

·         Victor, planning to join Clerval for the trip home, first sets off in a boat to throw the remains of the female into the sea

·         He gets lost and is washed ashore in Ireland where he is immediately arrested for murder

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Volume 3, Chapter 4

·         Victor is taken before the magistrate and begins to suspect the murdered man is Clerval

·         These suspicions are confirmed when he is taken to see the lifeless corpse of Henry Clerval

·         Victor collapses at the sight and spends two months in a fever

·         In his delirium, he confesses to the murders of William, Justine and Clerval

·         Victor’s father, Alphonse Frankenstein, comes to Ireland and Victor is eventually acquitted

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Volume 3, Chapter 5

·         Victor receives a letter from Elizabeth asking if he regrets hi commitment to marry her

·         He writes a letter to her in return to reassure her before returning to Geneva where they are married

·         They begin the journey to Lake Como for their honeymoon

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Volume 3, Chapter 6

·         As nights falls, a storm arises and Victor is increasingly agitated

·         He sends Elizabeth to bed and goes to see if he can discover the location of the creature

·         Whilst Victor is gone, Elizabeth is murdered by the Creature

·         Victor then returns to Geneva where his father, heartbroken, dies as a result

·         Victor then spends some time in a mental asylum and, upon his release, determines revenge. He also tells a Magistrate his story but they refuse to do anything

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Volume 3, Chapter 7

·         Victor concludes his story with an account of his determination on revenge and his pursuit of the monster

·         He asks Walton to continue his quest to find and kill the creature if he should die

·         Walton takes over the narration of the story again through his letters to his sister, Margaret

·         It appears, due to the letters, that the ship is likely to be destroyed by the ice and Victor fears a mutiny

·         The sailors demand to return home but Victor attempts to raise their courage in  bid to continue on their journey

·         Walton then promises to turn back when the ice permits

·         Victor dies on board the ship

·         Walton later finds the creature in the cabin bending over Victor and full of remorse

·         The creature tells Walton of the anguish he suffered and, then, with the intention of destroying himself, he springs from the cabin window and is gone

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