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In Volume 3 Chapter 3 and 4 in Frankenstein…read more

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"I was alone; none were near me to
dissipate the gloom" V3C3
· The word "none" emphasises the lack of people because
Victor has pushed them all away
· Although this line is said by Victor, it would appear that it
could have been spoken by the Creature or Walton
because they both also experience isolation and solitude
to this degree…read more

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"I left the room, and, locking the door..."
· This shows Victor physically imprisoning himself after
being imprisoned emotionally by the Creature into making
a female version
· This theme of Victor continually locking himself away from
humanity is one which follows right the way through the
novel ­ we first see it when Victor is creating the Creature
and he neglects his family and the rest of society…read more

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"Shutting the door, he approached me"
· This links to the previous quote where we see Victor
imprisoning himself, whereas this time ­ the Creature is
imprisoning him…read more

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"He had followed me in my travels; he
had loitered in forests" V3C3
· The word "loitered" implied that it was not hard for the
Creature to keep track of Victor ­ due to his supposed
`superhuman' abilities, things that we would presume fairly
tricky, he managed easily
· This links to how Victor was lovingly guided through
childhood by a "silken cord" whereas the Creature stills
wishes for the father-figure to teach him so pursues Victor
in an attempt to receive it but is continually rejected.…read more

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"Why did I not die?" "I was doomed to
live" V3C4
· Here, although Victor is being physically imprisoned by
the Irish after being suspected of murdering Henry
Clerval, he is also being emotionally imprisoned by
consciousness and life ­ it appears as though he is
unable to die
· This inability to die insinuates eternal life which is ironic
seeing as God promises eternal life in heaven after death
but readers in the nineteenth century would of thought
that Victor would be doomed to eternal punishment
· The eternal punishment inks to that which was thrust upon
Prometheus…read more


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