Chapter 1

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Mathematical model:

Simplification of a real world situation, and it can be used to make predictions. 

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Mathematical Model


  • They are quick and easy to produce.
  • They can simplify a more complex situation.
  • They can help us improve our understanding of the real world.
  • They enable predictions to be made about the future.
  • They can help provide control. 


  • They only give a partial discription of the real problem.
  • They work for a restricted range of values. 
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7 stages of designing a Mathematical model

1. A real wrold problem is observed.

2. A mathematical model is designed/ devised.

3. The model is used to make predictions.

4. Experimentaldata are collected from the real world.

5. Compared predicted and observed outcomes.

6. Statistical Tests are used to see how good the model was. 

7. The model is refined, if needed, to improve the predicted outcomes.

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