S1 Statistics Revision - Chapter 5 Notes

Chapter 5 - Probability

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AS Statistics Revision
Statistics 1 ­ Chapter 5
Key points to remember
If p is a probability then 0 p 1.
Sample space = all possible outcomes.
Event = set of possible outcomes.
P(A B) = the probability of both A and B, (The intersection of
and B). In this event, both A and B occur
P(A B) = the probability of A or B or both, (The union of A
B). P(A) + P(B) ­ P(A B).
P (A|B) = the probability of A given that B has happened. This
called the conditional probability.
Here, the probability would be the total of the highlighted bit,
out of the total of the bold circle so, (3 ÷ 11) written as a

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P(A') = the probability of not A. The probability that A doesn't
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