Changing Populations

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Urban and Rural

Urban is an area where large amounts of people have built - creating towns and cities and the associated buildings to facilitate their existence such as shops, roads, hospitals and schools.

rural is untouched, natural land -the countryside.

Urban areas are densely populated and rural areas are sparsely populated.

Urbanisation is when people move from rural areas to cities.

People do this because of better job opportunities, better standard of living and more developed areas.

Counter-urbanisation is when people move to the countryside.

People do this to escape the busy cities and live in the more peaceful, greener areas.They also do so because there is supposed to be less crime, and less trafic.

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problems for the city:

overcrowding, lack of jobs, sanitation and transport systems can't cope with more people, not enough houses/schools/doctors etc.

Problems for the countryside:

little rural investment, ageing population as young people move, povery, reliance on agriculture.

Limpopo - Guatang

Urbanisation takes place here, people move from rural limpopo to more developed guatang because of better schooling, electricity supply and more jobs.

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impact on rural areas:

house prices rise as demand increases so local people can't afford houses,pollution and congestion from people still travelling to urban areas to work, conflict between locals and newcomers. 

impact on cities:

areas begin to decline as people move away, traffic congestion high, abandoned shops and businesses.

Many people move from shrewsbury to Clun for a more peaceful life. There is also less crime and traffic.

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Population Pyramids

They show the population of an area. They are split in half - male and females and show different ages as well.

If the base is wide it indicates a high birth rate. This usually occurs in LEDC's as they don't have contraception. If it rapidly decreases after then this indicates a high IMR. If there is hardly any old people this usually indicates an LEDC also as there is a high death rate because of lack of health care. If the graph slowly decreases as it goes up and the base isn't too wide then it indicates an MEDC as there isn't a high birth or death rate due to contraception and medicines.

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Circular migration

Temporary migration at busier times

Good impacts - not as many people to feed when can't grow crop, send money back

Bad impacts - spreads STD's

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Changes to World Population

Obesity - increases the death rate

Homosexuality is more socially accepted - decreases birth rate

China's one child policy - decreases birth rate

role of women, have jobs now so have less children -decreases birth rate

high fetility rates, children seen as assets in south asia to look after family - increases birth rate

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Female inequality

Males are seen as more important than females

Girls don't go to school - don't get educated - have children young - they don't get educated and the cycle continues negatively.

Girls go to school - educated - don't have children so early - have less- htye get educated - seek medical advice - better life for girls.

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Malawi and Malaria

28% have malaria

People more at risk - (because they have weak immune systems)

-children under 5 (causes high IMR), pregnant women, elderly people, people with mal-nutrition, People with HIV/Aids, People in rural areas because of poor sanitation and poor access to hospitals.

Combating malaria - Insecticide treated bed nets- have to be cleaned and treated every 6 months to remain effective.

- insecticide spray (mosquitoes have become immune)

- mosquitoes built up resistance to drugs people take to fight off malaria

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More old people in the UK

With more old people due to low death rates because of good health care, the government will have to change its sytems.

- There will be more people recieving a pension and for longer so they could higher the age for a pension

- more care homes and hospitals will need to be built

-As there are more older people, there won't be enough younger people to do the jobs - immigrants might have to do these jobs


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