Cell structure


Plasma membrane

Regulate the movement of substances into and out of the cell. Made of mainly lipid and protein, phospholipid bilayer.

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Controls the cell's activities. Nucleolus makes ribosome.

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Contains digestive enzymes, can be used to digest invading cells and break down worn our parts of the cell.

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Site of aerobic respiration where ATP is produced. Found in large numbers in active cells. 

Have double membrane, inner one folded to form cristae, the matrix inside contains enzymes involved in respiration.

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8.2 Applications and skills: 8.2.2 Perspectives on mitochondria ...

Photosynthesis happens in the grana(stacked up thylakoid membrane) and stroma(thick fluid).

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Small, hollow cylinders made of microtubules.

Involved in the separation of chromosomes during anaphase.

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Consists of microfilaments, intermediate filaments and microtubules. A network of motor proteins within the cytoplasm.

Provide the cell with mechanical strength, keep it stable. Allows movement of organelle and substances within the cell.

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