Causes of disease

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  • Enter, colonise, resist, damage.
  • Infection: entered + colonised.
  • Disease: recognisable symptoms.
  • Transmission via interface.
  • Gas-exchange + digestive systems. (Thin, moist, large s.a, well supplied with blood.)
  • Prevent: mucous, enzymes, stomach acid.
  • Disease caused by damage to tissues. (No. of pathogens, prevented functions, toxin, viruses inhibit DNA, RNA, protein synthesis, break down membranes.)
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Data + disease

  • Correlation (change in variable, reflected by change in another) or causal relationship?
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Lifestyle + health

  • Risk: measure of probability that damage to health will occur as result of hazard.
  • Lifestyle factors: smoking, diet, obesity, physical activity, sunlight, blood pressure, blood cholesterol.
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