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  • Disease and the immune system
    • Physiology is the study orf how the body's tissues, organs and systems work.
    • Disease is the general term meaning a disorder of the body.
      • Some pathogens are more harmful than others, they have a greater pathogenicity or virulence
    • Infectious diseases are cause by pathogenic organismas living in or on the body and so causing harm e.g.TB, AIDS
    • Dietary deficiency diseases are cause by a lack of specific nutrients in the diet
    • Environmental diseases are caused by non living factors in the environment. They include skin cancer, lung cancer, asthma
    • Social diseases are caused by human activities and lifestyle. e.g. alcholism, anorexia, drug addiction
    • ageing diseases are caused by degeneration of body tissues and include arthritis and cataracts
    • Genetic diseases are caused by genes inherited from parents e.g. cystic fibrosis, haemophilia. Influenced by only the action of a single allele and are not influenced by any other factor.


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