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  • Quick to change colours of a design
  • Quick to change the scale of a motif on the design
  • Quick to change design details of a design - sleeve type, collar type, length of skirt etc.
  • A design can be 'mapped' onto a figure so that you can see all round it and how the fabric would drape, how a pattern repeats.
  • Repeat patterns can be created quickly.
  • Saves time of the designer as designs can be done so quickly, thus saving money, and potentially more designs created.
  • Reduces the amount of repetitive work that designers have to do.
  • Designs can be saved and used again.
  • Designs can be sent to the buyer for instant approval.
  • Can be linked to machinery to create a CAD/CAM machine, which designs and then makes the product. (CAD/CAM embroidery machine)
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  • Specialist Computer Aided Design software is very expensive to buy often in the tens of thousands of £'s range.
  • Designers have to be trained to use the software.
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was this in the summer exam? ;)

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