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1. FIRSTLY, I THINK IT'S IMPORTANT THAT I KNOW AT LEAST SOMETHING HOPEFULLY ABOUT COMMERCIAL AWARENESS. At heart, commercial awareness is about being able to talk to clients, finding out what they want, why they want it, what they will do with it and what they are prepared to pay, and then delivering it in the way they want.- Christopher Stoakes /.- AWARE OF MARKET. To start off, I would like to demonstrate where my understanding of CA comes from. Before arranging a talk on it, I myself should be able to justify why I am in support of it. 1. Buzzword of law firms in the city 2. It shows what it takes to be a lawyer in the 21st century. 3. Globalisation. It shows and understanding of economic, social factors, if being a successful lawyer in the city was a bit like a sandwhich- the bread would be your legal knowledge and the toppings would be the extras which complete your understanding such as commercial awareness.

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If I am appointed as BPP Education Liason, and there is an event to be delievered by BPP on commercial awareness- before even turning up, students will want to know why they should attend our event and why this should be valuable enough to them to take up their time. – - Attach a video to the facebook link with a description. Eye catching words. Facts/statistics. - As you can see, I have ranked in order which mediums I believe are most influential. - SOCIAL MEDIA- this is first because of mainly the accessibility. Facebook, in particular is a key parktaker in this. Announcements go out to the law society, commericial awareness society and alternative legal careers department- students join these group and automatically see them. - Event joinings- confirmation of attendance. On the page for who attends, I can post more information about commercial awareness. A possible marketing technique I am keen on trying is post a fact a day about commercial awareness instead of a big paragraph- facebook is a leisure tool after all, it is easy to mentally digest small sentences whilst you scroll down than actually take the effort to read a whole paragraph. 2. Word of Mouth- Lecture shout outs, but more importantly- popping it into conversations, made by fellow students tend to stick to your head. - 3. Newsletters- E newsletters preferably.

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Step 2- maximum attendance: - Reminders- I have seen that this works with what other societies do in terms of event promotion on facebook and social media. Again, this ties into the idea of demonstrating WHY students should come to our event - Event clashes- this is not likely to happen. But in the event our talk conflicts with a student celebration, I think two options are to negotiate. Or it is to move one of the dates. - Lecture shout outs. This draws attention and is useful on the day, one of the facts on facebook could be repeated.

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Logistics: - I believe that ensuring maximum attendance is something that can be strived for quite easily, a range of mediums is availiable. Logistics are important because they can make or break an event. They can make people want to come to more of our events, or not. - One of the most daunting issues could be the room intended for use being booked. The solution to this is to always double check, a booking for the use may have been made a month ago, but on the day- you see someone else is using it- so double checking is probably the best way to overcome this issue. - Presentation doesn’t work- for whatever fault, with our interactive whiteboards- and technology can only be reliable to a certain extent. Best option is to check with IT support- that everything is ok. - Reps unsure of where to go- my number will be availaible and signs can be also put up - Emergencies- this does happen. Locate fire exits etc.

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Step 4- the follow up.  After the event, students will either forget about what was mentioned/ or decide that they are interested in learning more about commercial awareness through BPP/ possibly consider the LPC with them. Register interests of new students- MAKE SURE TO PROPERLY DO IT. Refer students to the right people- KEEP CONTACTS CLOSE/ ON HAND. SAVED SOMEWHERE. Possible issues: - Administration Solution= Be prepared and organised. KEEP FILES, NAMES, RECORDS IN A PLACE WHICH IS ACCESIBLE AND DOESN'T CAUSE ANY ISSUES.

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