C1 Module- Carbon Chemistry


Paints and Pigments

  • Pigmants- Something that gives the paint its colour. 
  • Solvant- This is something that dissolves the binding medium and makes the paint fluid.
  • Binding Medium- This is a liquid polymer that hardens to form a layer that is continuous.

There are two different type of paints that use two different solvents:-

  • Emulsion Paint, which is water-based. The paint dries when the water evaporates.
  • Oil paints, which have oil as their solvents. The paints dries when the solvent dries and the oil hardens by oxidising and leaving a "Film".

What are Colloids?

Colloids are paint mixtures, which have particules of one substance dispersed within the particles of something else. These do not separate due to their particles being too small to settle at the bottom.

Pigments come in two different varieties:

  • Thermochromic, which are sensitive to temperature and change colour when heated/cooled. These can be used for Kettles, cups and baby cutlery.
  •  Phosophoresent, which can glow in the dark by absorbing light energy and storing it. They can be used for Face paints and fire exit signs. 
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