Buss - Alternative Evidence

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Alternative Evidence

Who supports Buss?

- Trivers (1972)

What does Trivers suggest?

- that parental investment means when females tend to be extra choosy when selecting a partner who has status and resources which ensure she and her offspring survive

Why does this support Buss?

- Buss found that females look for status and resources in men similar to Trivers predictions

Why is Buss more reliable?

- he collected masses of primary data whereas Trivers work was only theoretical

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Alternative Evidence

Who provides further supporting evidence?

- Symons (1979)

What did he suggest?

- males should seek younger partners as they have higher reproductive values

Why does this supprt Buss?

- Buss found that in all 37 cultures, males preferred a younger partner in line with Symons theory

Why is Symons work weak?

- like Trivers, it was only theoretical

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Alternative Evidence

Who challenges Buss?

- Thornhill (2003)

What did he suggest?

- it is not a womans age or looks, nor a mans wealth which are important, but facial symmetry

Men and women who have balanced faces suggest what?

- strong genes

Why does this challenge Buss?

- ambition, chastity and wealth are not measured

Why is Thornhills challenge limited?

- it was not cross cultural or global but Buss's was

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