Buss- Alternative Evidence

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Buss- Alternative Evidence

Supported- Trivers (1972)
1)Females have higher parental investment so they are 'extra choosy' when selecting a partner who has status and resources so offspring has higher chance of survival.
2)Supports as Buss found feamles look for resources (financial prospects) and status (determind by ambition) in men.
3)Buss is stronger- he collected masses of primary data but Trivers' work was theoretical. 

Supported- Symons (1979)
1)Males seek younger females in order to conceive greater numbers of offspring, as they have a higher reproductive value.
2)Supports as Buss found that 37/37 cultures males preferred younger females.
3)Buss is stronger
- he collected masses of primary data but Symons' work was theoretical.
Williams said youth is important for female fertility... 

Challenged- Thornhill (2003)
1) He suggested men and women perfer partners who have balanced faces/ facial symmetry.
2)Rejects Buss' conclusion that men and women seek different characteristics.
3)Buss is stronger as he did a cross-cultural questionnaire , globally but Thornhill didn't.
But agree as they both say people chose a mate to reproduce... 

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