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Methods used by Employers

What are the methods by which employers can put pressure on employees?

Threat of Redundancy - Announcing that redundancies are inevitable to prevent the union following through with its industrial action.

Change of Contract - Employer claims that a change of contract is required to keep the organization in business.

Lock-Out - Workers are locked out of the workplace.

Closure - Last resort.

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Conflict Resolution

What are the processes for conflict resolution?

Arbitration - Bringing in a third party to resolve the conflict and produce a settlement.

Conciliation - Reaching conciliation is finding the middle ground between the employee and the employer to which they both must agree on.

This process can take time and is costly.

Other employers have tried the no-strike or single union agreements.

Employers can offer a union deal where in return for not striking an employer may automatically allow a dispute to an arbiter.

Single Union Agreements allow the employer to avoid negotiating with more than one union leading to quicker resolution.

In extreme cases employers may use a No Union Deal.

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