Business Management


Non- Financial Motivation Methods

  • Job Enrichment (or Vertical Loading): motivation through employee offering more challenging work with increased responsibility
  • Job Enlargement (or Horizontal Loading): increased satisfaction through more tasks (stops boredom) with same responsibility
  • Empowerment: motivation and increased productivity (feel trusted) through more control over daily work routine with minimum supervision
  • Teamworkgreater motivation than working individually depending on nature of team, task and reward offered 
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Job Enrichment Benefits and Limitations


  • Personal or 'Psychological Growth': Individuals become increasingly motivated as they are given increasing amounts to do
  • Opportunity to be Responsible and Motivated: This is achieved through self checking and meaningful work that they perceive to be contributing to the organisation's overall effort


  • Costs Money and Takes Time to be Effective
  • Management is Responsible : to ensure that 'meaningful work' is available and achievable
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Job Enlargement and Empowerment Limitations

  • Offers 'More of the Same' : Job Enlargement does not give the opportunity to develop talents
  • Simply cuts Costs and removes Management Layers : Empowerment may lead to workers being unable to be responsible for their daily routine (lack of training), preferring clear lines of communication and responsibility
  • Empowerment is Time- Consuming : takes time to develop a quality culture
  • Empowerment may be Inappropriate : particularly in a Theory X management approach
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