Business and People

For GCSE in late May 2010

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Types of Business Activity

Primary Sector:

  • Fishing, Mining, Quarrying Farming, Mineral extraction

These are all at the first stage of production, producing raw materials.

Reasons For Change:

  • Raw materials have been used up, therefore the is not a lot more to extract
  • The use of new technology, less jobs only 1 or 2 farmers are needed
  • Foreign competiton means Britain produces goods at a high price

The primary sector in Britain has fallen dramatically in recent years and employing a lot less workers than before.

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Types of Business Activity

Secondary sector

  • Car manurfacturers, electrical appliance manurfacturers etc...

Where the produce from the primary sector is used, and these raw materials are manurfactured into different products.

Reasons For Change

  • Foreign competiton means that products are made abroard because they are cheaper to produce
  • The use of new machinery means that not so many workers are needed

The secondary sector has decreased in importance with many thousands of jobs being lost, this is due to De-industrialisation which involves the closure of most of Britain's manurfacturing sector has moved abroard.

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Types of Business Activity

Tertiary Sector

  • Banking, insurance, retailing, travel, entertainment

The tertiary sector is really worried about providing a service for it's customers, this also includes education, health, police, tax offices, local and national government plus the armed forces.

Reasons For Change

  • A rise in population, as it rises more teachers and doctors are needed
  • People have more disposible income to spend on luxuries like hotels etc
  • Our population also enjoys more free leisure time, time to go swimming etc
  • Business now care more about customer service to keep customers and gain new ones

The tertiary sector has seen a large rise in importance in recent years which therefore has created a lot more jobs.

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Recreation and sport mmmmmmm472 mmmmmmmmmmmmm605

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