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Individualism vs Collectivism

This dimension is closely linked to our concept of self and the relationship between the individual and the collective that prevails in each culture. 

- The key thing that makes society different. 


- Individualist only tend to live with nucleur family 

- In individualist cultures, work relationships are mainly understood as a business contract - if you got another job you would have their blessing. 

- Individualist: task and organisation take precedence over personal relationships (trust built through contract) 

Example: A business wanting to promote individualism gives workers freedom to explore new ways of completing basic procedures or projects. In this environment workers enjoy a high privacy level. Everyone gets a chance to voice individual opinions, and management does not necessarily discourage open debate.


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Individualism vs Collectivism


- Collectivist form ties with friends, neighbours and extended family. Personal opinions don't exist in group societies. They believe the group will take care of the individuals.

- In collectivist cultures, work relationsips resemble family relationships - ie Appraisals don't work well in collectivist countries due to singling people out. 

- Someones word has more value than a contact.

Example: Employees share equal rights and responsibilities, brainstorm ideas together and make collective decisions.this approach may harm creativity and innovation. If one of your employees has a brilliant idea but the rest of the team disapproves of it, he may get stuck in a rut and give up on trying to be creative and doing things better.

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