Britain on the home front

How the two world wars affected the civilians left in Britain. 

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1914 Outbreak of the First World War. Government introduces the Defence of the Realm Act (DORA) 
1915 Lloyd George becomes Minister of Munitions and encouarges the employment of women workers. 
1916 Governement introduces conscription.
1917 Voluntary rationing introduced, Britain only has enough food supply for six weeks due to German U-Boat sinkings.
1918 Women over 30 who are married or householders get the vote. End of WW1. 1920's Young women known as flappers start wearing short skirts and smoke and drink in public places. 
1928 Women over the age of 21 given the vote
1939 Outbreak of the Second World War. Government introduces conscription and compulsory evactuation of school children. 
1940 Government introduces Essential Work Order (EWO.) 
1941 Conscription of women to the work force.
1942 Beveridge Report.     

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